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SawaSawa Africa

SawaSawa Africa, has been a natural evolution, a culmination of the meeting of minds, a shared view point on service delivery in Destination Management (Travel & Tourism). Having met nearly 30 years ago (and as fortune would have it, worked side by side for most of it), barely out of our teens, from different and disparate backgrounds, and starting off in a leading Safari and Travel outfit in East Africa then, the two Directors of SawaSawa Africa formed a natural affinity in best practices in the tourism sector, which time and vast experiences in the Africa Tourism scene has perfected over the years. SawaSawa Africa came to be, in the year 2007, with a rebirth to its’ current composition in 2011.

Our ability to offer carefully crafted bespoke travel itineraries within Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Victoria Falls is second to none in the region. Over the years, we have established close relationships with similarly minded partners and suppliers across these regions to enable us provide flawless custom-designed holidays and safaris from beginning to end, offering expert advice and guidance all through.

It is our singular and unending quest, at every turn, with each traveler, to provide the highest level of service and attention to perfect each experience beyond expectation. With a meticulously handpicked team of travel and tourism experts across the region, working behind the scene, we guarantee for extra-ordinary travel experiences, well beyond and above the wildest of dreams. Unwavering attention to every minute detail, from a meal and seat preference on a flight or local restaurant for an individual to a complex and extensive family/group travel in multiple destinations.

Consciously we strive, to provide befitting individual solution, as often the possibilities are endless and could be mind boggling without an expert hand.

For unequaled authenticity in discoveries of Africa, with true African Hospitality, just perfected, SawaSawa Africa is a simple choice! Welcome to our world of perfection…


Deepa D. Darbar


SaM Mundia


SawaSawa is synonymous with perfection, in our local lingo, Swahili. African Hospitality Perfected! is a rallying call, and motto, for us to do and be better.

We aspire to inspire, through our passion, hands-on approach and lots of personal touches in all that we do.

Our ultimate joy and fulfilment is derived from the knowledge and assurance that each traveler has a satisfying and exciting experience, inspired to create stories of their own, through experiences that truly matter.

Our ultimate joy and fulfilment is derived from the knowledge and assurance that each traveler has a satisfying and exciting experience, inspired to create stories of their own, through experiences that truly matter.

SawaSawa Africa: African Hospitality Perfected!

We engage in sustainable practices whilst anticipating the needs of our customers at every turn. Africa is our home and heritage, we are hence greatly pro-active in a multitude of eco-tourism projects and activities. Even as we strive to present and showcase our wonderful world: Africa, it is prudent to reiterate our commitment: ‘to protect and safe guard the natural environment and local cultures’, not only for posterity but for the advancement of her people. Eco-friendly, we step lightly & carefully so as to ensure that no negative impact is occasioned by our footsteps

In our operations, we relentlessly endeavor to impart techniques that enhance greater consciousness and appreciation of the natural environmental as well as provide avenues that encourage a mutually rewarding cultural exchange.

Besides conservation, we endeavour to incorporate The PEOPLE (communities) at every step of our operations. The various safari accessories that we provide to our clients (i.e. safari hats, leather itinerary folders & luggage tags) are especially designed and handmade by various self-help community groups, supported by ourselves. They are all made of natural and locally available, and where possible, recyclable materials. Consequently, any travel with us will touch many a people and on our and their behalf, we are most grateful.

In brief, our Destination Management services extend to the following, with the emphasis of providing a one stop shop for all your travel related requirements:


This is the core of our expertise in Destination Management in East & Central Africa. We are happy to render and execute any brief for an event (may it be a Corporate Team Building exercise or Incentive Travel, public event or conference / congress or even a wedding Party / buddies golfing weekend!). We are at hand to provide expert advice and suggestions/ideas as well as execute the idea to desired reality, seamless and flawlessly!


May it be on a business trip in one of the Cities within the Greater East Africa regions to a vacation on one of the myriads of beaches on the magnificent East African Coast, to Lodges and Camps in any of the wilderness places in East & Central Africa (Maasai Mara, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Volcanoes National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, Victoria Falls/Livingstone, etc) Bookings to varied accommodations dependent on budgetary considerations of the traveler.


Both International and Local Travel inclusive of expert advice on trip planning, time effective routings, best possible fares, Visa assistance and advice on Health and Vaccinations, support on lost baggage claims and advance flight check-in. Personalized attention on seat allocation and meal preferences.


Local Excursions (within cities and destinations) to seat reservations in select/popular restaurants within the region (city, beach and bush)