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Serengeti Simba Lodge, named after the lion (simba in Swahili)—king of the jungle, a symbol of strength, pride and royalty—sits high on a hill with endless vistas of the great Serengeti plains. We welcome you to explore, experience and enjoy the African wilderness and the amazing Serengeti as our guest at Serengeti Simba Lodge.


The ‘Serengeti Migration’ passes the lodge twice a year, around June-July and again in October when millions of ungulates make their annual trek through the Serengeti eco-system. With awe-inspiring panoramic views of the vast savannah, Serengeti Simba Lodge is home to prolific birdlife and a stunning array of large game including: lion, buffalo, cheetah, leopard, giraffe, elephant, bush buck, zebra, gazelle and hartebeest.



Serengeti Simba Lodge is about 350km from Arusha.




5 Hr Drive from Arusha by road


Our fifteen uniquely designed “tents” are in fact a hybrid, with all the romance of a tent but the security of a more permanent structure; using canvas in the construction, but built on solid stone foundations with thatch roofs, attached concrete baths and outdoor showers plus a private deck from which to enjoy the endless views of the Serengeti. There are five twin and ten queen tents; triples are possible.

Serengeti Simba Lodge’s six-room Stone House features two twin, two queen and two family rooms– each with two queen beds. The family rooms are large enough to add an additional twin bed for a child. Amazing views across the Serengeti savannah to the distant Grumeti River add to the ambiance of the rooms. You can sit and watch the wildlife drift across the Serengeti plains from the private comfort of your room in the Stone House.


We serve continental food at Serengeti Simba Lodge. We use only the finest local ingredients available with an emphasis on healthy food including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. On special occasions we have an outdoor bar-b-que and if you need to go with a picnic breakfast that’s no problem.

Here are some highlights about our food:

  • Fresh bread and rolls are baked daily
  • We can cater to vegetarians and gluten free diets
  • Fatty, fried and oily foods are avoided
  • Tanzanian coffee and tea plus a full selection of locally produced herbal teas and hot chocolate are always offered

Breakfast buffet:

  • Home made granola
  • Fresh fruit selection
  • Pancakes or muffins
  • Oatmeal to order
  • Eggs to order served with sausage or bacon
  • Toast basket to table
  • Honey, jam, butter, marmalade and peanut butter on the table

Four Course Dinner Buffet:

  • Soup (vegetarian based)
  • Salad
  • Two entrees of either fish, beef, chicken, pork or chicken
  • Always a vegetarian protein option
  • Steamed veggies
  • Potatoes or rice
  • “Local” food option such as sweet potatoes or bananas
  • Dessert

We’ve tried hard to develop a lunch box that’s different from the rest. If you lunch at the lodge you will be served a selection of quiche, pizza and salads or in cold weather spaghetti or curry and rice.

We have a flexible meal schedule if required, please advise the management. Do let us know of any special dietary requirements or special events such as a birthday or anniversary as early as possible.



Swimming Pool WITH Deck


Free Wireless Internet Connection(WIFI)


 Laundry Service


 Bar / Lounge



Guests can enjoy game drives in nearby Serengeti National Park or the surrounding Ikona Wildlife Management Area, where the lodge is located. This area is one of the most beautiful wildlife areas on the planet. A must do for the bucket list!


Night game drives are provided in the lodge vehicle during the dry seasons (June-October). Don’t miss this exciting experience, not available inside the park, to see nocturnal animals and experience the savannah under a canopy of stars or possibly the full moon. You can pre-book a night game drive with your tour operator or inquire at reception on arrival.


Simba Dance Troupe: they call themselves the Simba Dancers and created their own costumes and instruments, which have been upgraded over the years with the revenue they receive from us for performing. (The original leg rattles were made out of Quaker Oats tins filled with stones and pounded closed!)

Dancing exclusively for Serengeti Simba, they have a creative repertoire of traditional dances from the Ikoma tribe, some of which are quite raucous and somewhat bawdy. But it’s all in good fun. During the busy seasons the group dances about three times a week. You can book a special performance.